Chill Hostels

Trying to find the right kinda chill hostel?

Maybe you’re looking for chill atmosphere, great people, fun parties, maybe some great food and a real sense of camaraderie.

But the reviews are not very useful cause you don’t want to go to a crazy, dirty, filthy party hostel with obnoxious people but amazing ratings.

If this is you…

I know how you feel and know exactly what you’re looking for.

Here is a list of the most chill and amazing hostels ever around the world.

Sozopol, Bulgaria


Just-a-hostel is the most amazing chill hostel in Sozopol, Bulgaria. The owner Ivan is super friendly and makes the best breakfast you will ever have in a hostel. At no additional cost. Cook you own dinner and share it with the rest of the guests they’ll be happy to share theirs with you. You will make friends for life here. The place is small enough for you to get to know and create a bond with everyone. Look no furthur if you are ever in Sozopol, Bulgaria.

Goa, India

Red Door Hostel

Goa is full of hostels. Most have whimsical staff, poor facilities and aren’t particularly clean. Red Door Hostel is one of the few exceptions. On top of that the owner is super helpful, the food is great and the service is friendly. The crowd in some of the Goa hostels can be a little… let’s just not chill. Not at the Red Door Hostel. Mostly international travelers and staff make this hostel cooler than most others. If you want to stay in Anjuna. Red door has everything that you are looking for.

Barcelona, Spain

Hostel One Paralelo

This is a party hostel but there something unique going on here. There is a sense of bonding between the people that stay here and with the people that work here. The place is staffed almost entirely by traveling volunteers, so they get you. But the biggest draw here is the free / pay whatever you want dinners. The staff prepares the food for all the guest and everyone sites together for dinner before heading out for a night of partying. Bring all the guests together for dinner acts as a brillant icebreaker between guests and the partying after makes acquaintances into friends.

Split, Croatia



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